Hallberg & Hallberg Försäkringsförmedling AB / Insurance broker

Based on our long experience in travel insurance and expatriat insurance we have gained valuable knowledge of what is interesting and useful to include in the procurement of insurance. At first we worked with insurance brokers in London, to later on start a separate company focusing on insurance brokerage. Since 2009, we are formally authorized as an insurance broker.

In the procurement of insurance coverage, we put a lot of work on a proper needs analysis. For example, we investigate:

  • Travel patterns
  • Most visited/most hazardous areas
  • Local standard of public health care
  • Traffic situation
  • Political risk, criminality
  • Possible rescue companies
  • Appropriate insurance solution
  • Several companies = one or multiple insurance policies
  • Local insurance
  • “Duty of Care” considered
  • Coordination
  • Compliance issues/solutions

We then develop an insurance solution together with invited partners on the market to present to the corporate customer. If requested, we can participate through example workshops and seminars at the launch of the insurance solution. Together with the corporate customer we continuously monitor and analyze the claims data to bring us increased knowledge before the next renewal.